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Let us deliver a line ready assembly.

You purchase and receive one component from supplier A, another component from supplier B, another from supplier C, and it goes on and on and on. You create more paperwork, generate Purchase Order after Purchase Order, and waste time unpacking individual components only to get them to the point of assembly to find a component isn’t quite right. Everything stops, and the line it was supposed to supply grinds to a halt.

In today’s just-in-time world, it makes more sense than ever to receive a product that’s line ready—pre-tested for fit and function—to save time and money. Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing provides this service for a growing number of clients who seek more efficient methods of manufacturing their products. They trust us to deliver proven assemblies that they don’t have to worry about.

We assemble components that are stamped, formed and machined in our facilities with those from trusted suppliers, as well as our clients’ suppliers. Our goal? Eliminate wasted time and effort, streamline processes and deliver a better bottom line.

Founded in 1958 as a manufacturer of split seam tubular components, Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing has since expanded operations to encompass a wide range of metal fabrication services. As a metalworking company with over six decades of experience and a state-of-the-art, ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools to accommodate virtually any metal fabrication need. One of our core service offerings is custom assembly.

Many assembly operations involve receiving components from different suppliers and shipping them to the assembly facility, which requires money (for packaging materials and shipping fees) and time (for packaging, unpackaging, and waiting for receipt/delivery). Both of these requirements increase with the number of individual components needed for the finished assembly and the number of times a delivered component does not meet the desired specifications and standards.

At Wisconsin Stamping, we offer full-service metal fabrication solutions. Our experts combine stamped, formed, and machined components made in our manufacturing facilities with components from our and our customers’ suppliers to produce line-ready assemblies. This service allows us to create finished products verified for fit and function all under one roof, resulting in smoother operations and better cost savings. Some of the industries in which we have experience providing custom assembly services include aerospace, agriculture, construction, electrical power generation & distribution, food processing, furniture, industrial machinery, lawn & garden equipment, outdoor power equipment, petrochemical, transportation, and water treatment.

Our Assembly Solutions

We offer a wide variety of custom assembly solutions including: welded assemblies, mechanical assemblies, and kit assemblies.

Welded Assemblies

Welded assemblies consist of two or more components permanently joined together in welding operations. We offer MIG, TIG, resistance, and robotic welding of steel, stainless, and aluminum to accommodate a wide range of part and production requirements.

Mechanical Assemblies

Mechanical Assemblies may be simple or relatively complex and include a bill of materials that is assembled complete, often utilizing fasteners.  These assemblies may also incorporate bearings, rubber or plastic products, labels, motors or mechanical drives, and other purchased or manufactured components.

Kit Assemblies

Kits are bags or boxes which contain all of the loose parts necessary to build a complete component or assembly. Our kit assembly team collects various parts made in our facility and parts supplied by our customers and/or our customer’s vendor partners, and packages them into a complete kit.  We can utilize heat sealed bags, zip top bags, corrugated boxes, custom wood crates, returnable crates, or any other customized packaging solution.  We can also incorporate your logo, brand, bar code, QR code, or other graphics into the kit packaging.

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